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(Lentinus edodes)

Dried Mushroom Soup Mixes

Lobster Mushroom

(Hypomyces lactiflorum)

Oyster Mushroom
(Pleurotus ostreatus)

Porcino - Steinpilze - King Bolete

(Boletus edulis)

Over misty mountains cold...

...through hollows deep and forests old...

...antlers fork and lightning shoots...



...emerging with their finest fruits.

Savor some of the best wild mushroom broths, soups and stirfrys between the confierous Cascades of the Pacific Northwest and the broadleaf Blue Ridge Mtn. forests of Virginia and North Carolina.  We forage high and low for the most delicious wild mushrooms on the North American continent!  All of our mushrooms are then dehydrated at 95 degrees Farenheit to ensure the maximum nutrient content and flavor are preserved for our dried mixes.

Our passion for foraging caries us from East to West, following the mushroom season!  In our Dried Mushroom Soup Mixes, you can expect a wide variety of delectable wild and cultivated mushrooms:  Plenty O' Porcini, Lot's O' Lobster, Oodles O' Oysters, a Shii-take load of Shiitake, a Mess O' Morels, a Big Ol' Boatload O' Boletes, a Lotta Lion's Mane, and a multitude of other mouthwatering mushrooms depending on the season!   

© 2016 by Gnomestead Hollow Farm and Forage.

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