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By: Kristi Maier

"Where do we begin with this unique and fun farm that produces raw, living vegetable ferments and gourmet mushrooms just into the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains on the other side of Virginia? Nomads, I mean owners, Matthew and Jenna, hail from the Pacific Northwest. They are very smart and adorable and know a lot about vegetables and foraging and gnomes. When we say they are crafting small match ferments, we mean it, five to ten gallons at a time...Gnomestead is much loved by restaurants in Winston-Salem and you’re likely to find it on a number of menus around town. You can meet them at  Cobblestone Farmers Market where you can purchase any of their krauts, curtido, mushrooms (fresh and dried) and just get to “gnowe” them a little better.

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Fall 2016

By: Karen E. Huggard

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March 22, 2016

By David Broyles

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